Personal Care
Personal and Supportive home care aides help people who are elderly, disabled, ill, and/or mentally disabled to live in their own homes or in residential care facilities instead of in health facilities or institutions. They clean clients’ houses, do laundry, and change bed linens. Aides may plan meals (including special diets), shop for food, and cook. Aides also may help clients get out of bed, bathe, dress, and groom. Some accompany clients to doctors’ appointments or on other errands.
Supportive Care
Skilled Nursing
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Skilled Home Health Nursing care is the provision of intermittent skilled services to a client in the home for the purpose of restoring and maintaining his or her maximal level of function and health. These services are rendered in lieu of hospitalization, confinement in an extended care facility, or going outside of the home for the service. The skilled nursing care is provided on an intermittent, or hourly, basis. Skilled nursing services are provided to client in consistentence with the unique nature and severity of the client's illness or injury, his or her particular medical needs, and accepted standards of medical and nursing practice, without regard to whether the illness or injury is acute, chronic, terminal, or expected to last a long time.